The freight forwarder’s work is fascinating, but also demanding. If you travel many kilometers every day on national and international motorways, you have the opportunity to travel a lot and cross areas that are characterized by enchanting landscapes. However, it is also very tiring and requires great attention and commitment. The drivers of commercial vehicles that work in our team are able to drive with maximum safety and comfort in order to better cope with the long hours of travel.

We frequently replace the vehicles in our vehicle fleet with increasingly modern and more powerful trucks that are currently all Euro Class 6. Our attention to the safety of the means of transport that we use for our work not only leads to a significant decrease in accidents, but also provides protection of the goods we transport for customers. Limiting unpredictable events is a successful strategy in the work of road transport also on an economic level: A larger investment in more modern and more technological trucks leads to lower costs for the removal of damage to things or people.

The greatest danger for truck drivers is probably the transportation of ADR goods. For this reason, we also invest heavily in the training of our employees who complete certain ADR driving qualification courses, as well as in the appropriate preparation, equipment and insulation of trucks for the transport of dangerous goods.


Limiting the environmental impact of road transport is very important to solve the problem of air pollution. Barny Group has decided to implement a corporate policy to protect the environment, using only funds that comply with the regulations. This requires more cost and economic investment from us, but we are sure that it is worth it in terms of protecting the environment and public health. We firmly believe that it is important to use environmentally friendly vehicles, and we can testify that modern industrial vehicles built for this purpose perform well and enable you to carry out goods effectively over long distances.