Barny Group offers a reliable, fast and convenient national transportation service. We are a leading company in the truck and logistics industry in Italy and have been working with all types of goods for over 30 years. For our work, we only use latest generation vehicles that are equipped with all the accessories to meet the transport requirements of various types of items, from ADR goods to those that require a controlled temperature. We always adhere to the transport regulations applicable at European level, also regarding the handling of objects classified as dangerous, in which our staff is trained to work in absolute safety. The national transport service we offer provides the use of EURO 6 trucks, which differentiate between:

  • Freight vehicle,
  • Truck tractor train,
  • Tractor,
  • Semi-trailer coupled, cooled and isolated,
  • Tank loading area,
  • Containership 25/30/45 f.


Road transport or road haulage of goods is certainly the most used method since the 20th century for the transfer of goods.  One of the main advantages of this type of transport is the possibility in offering a door-to-door service with greater flexibility than others.  Our staff has great experience and maximum competence in road transport of all types of goods, even over long distances.  We do road transport in total safety and at competitive prices, both express and industrial, both in dedicated and in groupage. Each product transported requires different condition and our staff is able to make all the necessary assessments to perform the work optimally.  This is also thanks to its preparation and frequent refresh courses that every driver and road transport operator is required to follow.


We deal with intermodal transport of various load units such as ADR mobile containers, ADR containers, ADR tank containers, food tank containers.  The intermodal transport that we carry out can be combined by railroad, on the deck of a ship or in the hold of an airplane.  The unit in this type of transport is supplied by the customer, as far as the handling of the tank containers is concerned, we are equipped with all the fittings and piping suitable for connection to any kind of tank.  Our trucks are equipped with chassis for the transport of tanks filled with chemical products and suitable for the ADR transport of dangerous goods.  Our drivers are all trained professionals. Annually they attend courses of IBS, safe driving, ADR. In addition, they are certified (by issuing the relevant certification following the course) to transport the tanks in total safety.