We have been providing national and international freight services for over 30 years thanks to the use of EURO 6 transporters, towing vehicles and tractors, all of which are approved for the ADR transport.

Our goal is maximum customer satisfaction and the guarantee of a high quality service. For this reason, we have only included highly qualified drivers in our driver team. A high quality freight transport service is also provided by the driver’s ability to better manage driving and rest times. We regularly invest in staff training and updates to ensure that our truck drivers drive in complete safety, in compliance with its regulations and in the best conditions for protecting goods.


Our company has 30 years experience in various types of freight services and is able to meet the needs of all types of customers.

Regardless of whether ADR swap container or food containers are moved, we guarantee the best combined transport service both on the rail track, on the deck of a ship or in the hub of an aircraft. Our vehicles are equipped with a tank holder for the transport of chemical materials. We are a leading company in international intermodal transport and handling chemicals. Some of our services that we offer our customers:

  • Towing vehicles;
  • Handling of Container and swap container;
  • Loading and unloading of tank and freight containers, also on high;
  • Additional services such as cleaning and heating.

We also deal with road transport and concentrate on a door-to-door service that is flexible for the customer, also on long-distance transport that is economically competitive. Our competent and highly qualified truck drivers can determine the right transport temperature for every product.


Our company offers its customers numerous ancillary services. We monitor all the trucks we work with, thanks to satellite technology, 7 days a week and 24 hours a day, so that we are always ready when needed and able to respond in real time to our customers who need to know at what point in the journey the vehicle, that is carrying the load, is located. Our employees are active all day thanks to special telephone lines. With our mobile assistance service, we are also able to manage all technical emergencies of the vehicles.