Safe transport and environmental protection

Our fleet of vehicles is subjected to frequent periodic checks.  We are particularly keen to protect our staff, as well as other road users.  Maximum safety and comfort driving also means protecting the goods transported for our customers.  Furthermore, every 4/5 years the entire vehicle fleet gets completely replaced.  Currently, all our vehicles are EUR 5 and EUR 6 certified and comply with European regulations.  The frequent replacement of the same, allows us to always work, even during periods of roadblocks established by new provisions against pollution.  In this way, we not only guarantee a continuous and efficient service to those who turn to our company, but we also protect the environment.  Respect for the environment is a primary condition for transport companies and we are committed to ensuring that our vehicles are all compliant with the Regulations.

Satellite locator on all our trucks

Our vehicle fleet includes tractors, truck tractor trains, vans, semi-trailers, refrigerated semi-trailers, tank racks, and 25/30/45-foot container carriers.  Thanks to this variety of vehicles and our vast experience in the transport sector, we can meet the different needs of customers to guarantee an optimal freight transport. All the vehicles we use are monitored by our staff, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, using satellite technology.

Our “PLANNERS” are active 24 hours a day with dedicated telephone lines.

This service allows us to know and let people know at any time what stage the vehicle is and at what stage of transport we are. We also have an internal mechanical workshop and a mobile assistance service to manage the technical emergencies of our vehicles.

ADR vehicles

Our fleet is used for the transport of “DANGEROUS” goods both in solid and bulk (liquid and gaseous) state. Our vehicles are authorized to transport ADR goods with specific certification issued by the competent responsible. We have extensive experience in the ADR transport sector, our drivers follow periodic updates concerning changes, variations and implementation of the European legislation on road transport of “DANGEROUS GOODS”.