Barny Group is a transport company in Milan specialized in short / medium and long-haul road and intermodal transport in Italy and abroad.  We have been operating in transport in Lombardy and around the world for over thirty years and we have great expertise in the sector.

The Barny Group Srl deals almost entirely with international intermodal transport, concentrating above all on the handling of chemical products.  We carry out both traction of trailers and handling of containers and swap bodies with the help of company chassis.  We manage the loading and unloading of Tank-containers, which requires help of autonomous compressors mounted on the vehicles. We provide ancillary services, such as cleaning for eventual reloading and / or heating when the temperature of the transported product requires, to make a quick and complete discharge.

All company vehicles are registered in International ADR and are completed with fittings and piping kits for both chemical and food products.  They are equipped with a satellite locator that allows the operating office and the customer to know in real time the position of the transported goods.